Social Media Marketing

Drive Organic Growth & Make Your Business Boom

More Leads, More Conversions, More Sales. No Ordinary guarantees it!

Do you know that internet users spend more than 1/3 of their time on social media? If you still think that social media isn’t the best place to expand your brand visibility, think again!

Connect To A Digital World

It’s social media marketing that gives everyone the full picture of what you’re doing.

Increased Online Exposure

When it comes to the digital world, your business’s reputation and visibility are on the line. If you want to surpass your competitors, you have to do so strategically to ensure long-term organic growth. 

No Ordinary, the best social media marketing agency in Sydney, helps you in creating a robust online presence. We formulate an individualised strategy for each social media platform to connect with your online community.

More Customer Reach

People scroll through their Instagram feed all the time, during lunch break, before bedtime, and even during boring meetings!

This gives you a great idea of the potential consumer base you can tap into with social media.

Versatile Marketing

 Nowadays, creating a page on Facebook isn’t enough. Your  competitor is creating an aesthetic Instagram feed, what about that? Wait, did you think of TikTok yet?

Social media has become a vast ocean, there are constant waves coming in, and you need a rowing boat to help you propel the oars. 

Consider No Ordinary your motorboat, powering your journey in the unknown waters. Even better, right?


With increased brand awareness, comes unique visitors. And with that, comes some great sales!

The marketing funnel that looks super easy to you right now, is actually complicated to navigate through. But once you reach the point of making profits, all the effort is worth it!

The best part? No Ordinary does MORE in LESS money, that saves you tremendous costs!



Follow, Share, Like, Subscribe…. Don’t Worry! We Know How It Works

No Ordinary, the best digital marketing company in Australia, can help you get ahead of your competition and connect with new customers through our social media marketing services

We help you build your brand online to drive customer engagement and guaranteed sales. Also, you’ll love our digital marketing packages in Australia, that will drive results without having to spend humongous amounts of money.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the O.G. trendsetter of social media marketing. It has shaped the landscape of social commerce, the creator economy, and how businesses use social media for over a decade.
So, how can you use Instagram marketing to grow your business? Do you need Instagram ads (or worse: dancing Reels) to be successful? Here we come in! Our team, consisting of entrepreneurs, creators, and forward thinkers, help you reflect the best creative, and build strong visuals that no one can overlook.
You’ll see your followers increasing every single day, commenting on your posts, and engaging with your Stories.

YouTube Marketing

Chances are we’ve all spent a great chunk of our day watching a hilarious dog video one after another on YouTube.
But YouTube is much more than just entertainment, it’s becoming a great medium for marketing. The platform has influenced purchase decisions tremendously.
Whether your goal is increasing your sales, leads, website traffic, product or brand awareness, our team is ready to assist you. Our YouTube marketing experts will tailor the perfect balance of ebb and flow for your business.
Don’t let them skip your ads!

Amazon Marketing

A custom-designed Amazon marketing campaign delivers value, connects with your target market, and obviously guarantees sales! From beginning to end, No Ordinary, the best ecommerce marketing agency, does it all to boost your organic rankings and sales. Did you know that many Amazon product listings aren’t even optimised correctly, leaving a lot of potential revenue on the table? Our Amazon PPC experts make sure to manage the tiniest of the details to ensure that you’re reaching maximum ROI from the very beginning.

Facebook Marketing

With more than 2 billion active users monthly, Facebook is easily the largest and single most important social media platform.
From connecting with like-minded people in groups to discovering new products on Facebook Shop, it’s where your customers are, and probably your next sale as well!
An expert-led, trustworthy Facebook marketing agency can make all the difference for your business. From full-service campaign management to monitoring insights, we offer a complete package.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn- the golden social platform for B2B marketing!

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we help you find the right professionals for your business. Our experts help you in generating leads, improving brand awareness, and fostering business relationships to drive traffic to your website. 

From managing your company’s identity via your LinkedIn company page, to engaging with your followers, or creating a successful business lead generation campaign, our social media experts can handle all aspects of your strategy.

Shopify Marketing

Brick and mortar are changing, and we ease the transition to ecommerce selling & marketing.
For those looking to build an online storefront, there are multiple options to choose from. However, Shopify is the biggest name, when it comes to the e-commerce platform market.
No Ordinary can scale your sales channels, help with attribution analysis and increase profits with conversion optimization.

Twitter Marketing

Jump onto the conversations that matter to your audience, stand for causes your company believes in and cultivate an online community on Twitter.
Don’t ignore the bird app while you’re thinking about increasing your outreach and establishing your brand presence. Our Twitter experts will help you in formulating a coherent and channel-specific strategy.

TikTok Marketing

Step up with TikTok for Business and reach the untapped Gen-Z and Gen-X via the massive platform.
The marketplace is fluid and trends are ever-changing. With the help of our TikTok marketing experts, stay on top of the new trends, make way for new challenges, and even better, be a trend-setter yourself!

From Reactive to Proactive- Are You Ready For The Journey?

Let’s create a plan together to get you where you want to be. Connect with No Ordinary!  

Let’s Start by Creating a Business Account First

Our social media marketing experts help you set up social media pages and accounts on various platforms. This comes AFTER our experts have analysed which platform/s will work best for your business.

We will make sure to showcase your business portfolio at its best.

Creative Development

The need for fresh content and engaging posts in the ever-changing social media landscape has never been greater. 

To create on-brand social media content that leaves an impression on your customers, our experienced digital illustrators come into the picture. Our dedicated team of creative experts understands your brand to produce quality designs that will capture your audience's attention.

Run Campaigns

To help you reach your goals faster, your campaigns need to attract maximum engagement. Our professionals will formulate campaigns based on your target buyer persona that drives action. 

Our expert ad copywriters, designers and video editors will create truly outstanding ads that cut through the noise and drive down your CPAs (even if you’ve struggled with high CPAs before).

Engage with the Audience

Based on our experience since working in this industry for so long, we understand it is very important to build relationships with the customers.

We engage the audience by: 

Answering their queries
Getting feedback
Posting user-generated content (UGC)
Offering discounts and promotion 

It lays the burden off your shoulders to ‘manage’ everything in your business.

Analyse Social Media Metrics

Our knowledge, advanced tools and proprietary marketing technology enable us to anticipate and effectively manage constant social media algorithm changes in order to boost your results. We monitor and analyse the metrics to measure the engagement, interaction, impressions, conversions, and response rate.  

When you choose to work with No Ordinary, you'll enjoy more sustainable results.